Minister Alan Winde experienced ride-sharing with Jumpin Rides!
Minister Alan Winde shared a ride with Jumpin Rides to promote ride-sharing! No more reasons not to use Jumpin Rides to commute or travel!
The cheapest ways to travel in S.A
As a student, our will to explore the world is infinite but, unfortunately, our means are not. Here’s a list of the best tips to travel without losing an arm and leg.
How is JumpIn Rides different than Uber
We are finally answering our most asked question. How is a ridesharing platform different than UBER? Why should I use it?
Taking lift clubs to another level: Carpooling Platforms
Lift clubs were created to help people saving money in their traveling experience. Platforms like JumpIn Rides were created to help people going where they want in the cheapest and safest way possible
Can Carpooling reduce CO2 emissions?
Find out how JumpIn Rides carpooling platform is helping South Africa reducing Carbon fossil emission and learn how to help! Join the community and contribute for a greener rainbow country
Jumpin Rides at Seedstars Innovation Summit
The South African carpooling startup that is innovating the concept of mobility in the rainbow country participated to the Seedstars competition and won the popular vote!
Will carpooling save South Africa?
With traffic congestion becoming more and more problematic, the main cities in SA need alternative transport solution. JumpIn Rides is determined to provide such service for everyone
What to check before leaving for a road trip
How many times did you ask yourself before leaving for a trip "did I check everything?" Here you can find JumpIn Rides' list of what to check before hitting the road for your carpooling experience!
Carpooling: a solution to traffic congestion and carbon emissions
Lift clubs and ridesharing need to become a part of South Africa’s commuting culture. Save money, time and energy by sharing a ride and reduce traffic congestion.
Carpool Karaoke – Five of our favourite road trip songs
The JumpIn Rides team has pooled together some of their favourite songs to listen to whilst driving. Pass the time and have a jam with your carpool buddies!
Games to play while on the road: get to know your carpool buddies
Our favourite games to play in the car to pass the time. Get to know the people you’re sharing a ride with. A range of games to test your observation and memory.
Car pool or lift club, what is the difference?
Do carpool and lift club have the same meaning? No, but share many similarities. Find out more about the two ridesharing alternatives with JumpIn Rides.
Which are the benefits of carpooling and ridesharing?
Why carpool? Today, JumpIn Rides explains you the benefits of carpooling and tell you some facts and statistics to incentive you to share your next ride.
What does carpooling mean?
Do you know the meaning of carpooling? Check the new blog post on JumpIn Rides to understand the basis of ridesharing and start to share your journeys and save money.
JumpIn Rides brings Carpooling to SA
JumpIn Rides was launched in July 2016, as a solution to South Africa’s over-burdened transport system.