Which are the benefits of carpooling and ridesharing?
Long-distance commuting in South Africa eats into our time and our wallets. Those that use public transport will have become accustomed to the infuriating irregularity of timetables, unexpected delays and poorly maintained seating and facilities. For those that drive, long-distance trips take a toll on your bank account as petrol prices continue to rise.

But wait! There is a solution to the perils of long-distance travel in South Africa: carpooling. Offer your spare seats to passengers going in the same direction, or request a lift, with JumpIn Rides.

Save cash
Sharing a ride means sharing costs. Cut that fill-up price in half, into thirds, and even into quarters. You can literally save R100 an hour, or every 100km driven. So take your money saved and treat yourself.

Save the environment
Carpooling means there are fewer cars on the road, which means fewer nasty toxic gases being pumped out into our beautiful planet. A full ride shared is the equivalent of 4,000 trees planted, and for every individual who shares a lift with someone else, their carbon footprint gets reduced by 20%. We all have to do our bit for the earth!

Meet new people
You could meet your next BFF, business partner or spouse anywhere. They could even be in the seat next to you. Carpooling is a way to meet new people from all ages and backgrounds, and from all walks of life. This makes for some seriously interesting conversation!

Get there safely
Safety is a big concern for South Africans, and many hesitate at the idea of sharing a car with a stranger. However, JumpIn Rides has created a way to ensure your safety: each user registers with Facebook, and their email address and ID are verified. Moreover, drivers must upload their driver’s license/registration number and license plate to confirm their eligibility and your safety.

Get where you need to be, safer and cheaper.