Car pool or lift club, what is the difference?
In a period when petrol prices are skyrocketing, people need to be imaginative and look for ways to save on transport costs. Unofficial forms of carpooling (a single word, even if it is often misnamed car pool!) and lift clubs have been a prominent way of cutting a couple of bucks on fuel.

Discover the differences between the two alternative ridesharing options.

The lift club solution

It began with a few clicks; ads being posted on online classifieds sites, in one of the many lift clubs on Facebook, or by sharing the word with your acquaintances.

Since July 2016, JumpIn Rides has endeavoured to make it easier to find a lift, or passengers for your empty seats, all on one platform.

On JumpIn Rides, as soon as you find others with similar travel patterns, you have your lift club! A newly formed group of people that will share many trips, often to offices, schools and universities. Drivers and passengers share travel costs equally including petrol and toll fees.

The carpooling solution

With carpooling, the destination is generally further away than a lift club destination. People carpool to return to their hometown, to travel along the country, to visit new cities, and to go for medium and long distance trips.

On the JumpIn Rides platform, you are able to browse ride offers or share your own ride until you « match » with someone who wants to reach the same destination.

Unlike lift clubs, carpooling is not a long-term commitment. It’s a once-off solution to medium to long distance travel - lift clubs involve recurring travel.

Whether you start a lift club or you set up a carpooling trip, South African law doesn’t allow you to operate for profit. However, even without a Professional Driver Permit (PrDP), you can still ask for a contribution to for petrol and other costs incurred during the journey, and still comply with regulations.