How is Jumpin Rides different than Uber
There is always some confusion when talking about lift clubs, ridesharing, carpooling... but the most confusing thing that people keep on asking to our team is “How are you different than Uber?”

Here you can find a list that should (hopefully) clarify that for you:

U. Uber drivers work for Uber, their drive around the city ready to pick up clients and take them where they need to go.
J. Jumpin Rides drivers are regular people (not necessarily licensed drivers) that need to go from point A to point B. They post their rides on the platform so that others can go with them and share the costs of petrol together.

U. Uber drivers earn money from the rides and are mainly used for short distances within cities
J. Jumpin Rides users do not earn from the rides, they simply share the costs with other users. For this reason it’s cheaper to make mid-long distance rides with Jumpin Rides than Uber and daily lift clubs from home to office

U. Uber is an on-demand service. If you need a driver now, Uber will send it to you immediately (charging the appropriate fee)
J. Jumpin Rides is a social platform. You can offer or find rides to book, meet new people and travel around South Africa at the lowest price you have ever seen

U. Uber works very well for short distances, usually inner-city. However, for mid to long distance trips, Uber is not necessarily adapted, as the costs can quickly go up. For example, a Cape Town - Stellenbosch costs R376, and a Cape Town - Johannesburg costs R9,866"

J. Jumpin Rides is more adapted for mid to long distance trips, as drivers and passengers share the cost of petrol. For example, a Cape Town - Stellenbosch costs about R40 and a Cape Town - Johannesburg costs about R980

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