JumpIn Rides: Start-up takes on local transport challenges with carpooling platform
Start-up incubator and accelerator, Far Ventures, saw the potential in South Africa’s emerging market place; a hub of small business activity and a population that craved innovation. After conducting a 6-month study, Far Ventures decided to develop a carpooling platform. JumpIn Rides was launched in July 2016, as a solution to South Africa’s over-burdened transport system.

The JumpIn Rides team is a unique mix of European and South African perspectives. This enables the start-up to approach South Africa’s modern transport challenges with a fresh outlook, whilst being able to apply these solutions in a way that is relevant and affordable for locals.

The start-up’s key priorities are safety and accessibility. These challenges are recurrent in South Africa’s policy process. However, their specialized approach, targeting medium to long distance travellers, allows them to address these issues directly as they happen. JumpIn Rides addresses the issue of safety head on; their reliability counter requires users to provide their personal details, including their ID number, for verification. Confidentiality is guaranteed, of course. A user’s reliability counter improves with identity verification and more information provided, allowing users to assess one another and accept or deny a shared lift. This gives drivers and passengers more autonomy in their transport decisions. The appeal of the JumpIn Rides platform is that anyone can be a driver, as long as they have a valid driver’s license and extra seats to offer passengers.

JumpIn Rides presents an alternative means of travel to those traveling from city to city, such as Cape Town to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Port Elizabeth. This particularly appeals to students who return home several times a year from university. JumpIn Rides offers them a solution that is X times cheaper than an airline ticket and infinitely more comfortable than a bus. The platform also gives students who cannot afford to return home more than once a year the affordable opportunity to do so. JumpIn Rides further offers tourists a unique way to explore the country and meet locals, providing a much more enriching experience and an opportunity to discover beyond standard tourist hotspots.

Medium distance travelers also benefit greatly from the JumpIn Rides service. For those commuting between towns and city centers, such as Cape Town and Stellenbosch, carpooling is the most affordable solution. Moreover, events that take place outside the main city can offer JumpIn Rides as a means of getting to the venue. This opens up opportunities for the likes of music festivals, food and wine functions and sporting competitions. Not only is sharing a ride an affordable option, but it also reduces parking capacity and the risk of drinking and driving, making for a safer event all-round.

JumpIn Rides further expands opportunities for those who are interested in or part of the local surfing community. The country’s coastline is renowned for surfing hot spots, with many of them a far distance from major cities and with little to no public transport availability. To those who want to ride the waves and explore the shoreline, JumpIn Rides offers them the opportunity to do so, and to meet like-minded individuals along the way.

JumpIn Rides offers an unconventional solution to local travelers and tourists. A unique way to explore the country, save money, meet new people and get where you need to be, safely.