Minister Alan Winde experienced ride-sharing with Jumpin Rides!
October 2nd, 2017 marked the beginning of the Transport Month in South Africa under the theme “Together we move South Africa Forward”.

On this occasion, Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities at Western Cape Government experienced Jumpin Rides to commute from home to work. The Minister shared the ride with one of our user who commutes every day on the platform.

During his trip, the Minister got a call from Kieno Kammies from CapeTalk and shared in live his ridesharing experience. He was also questioned more broadly about the innovative ways of transport and how can we move around smarter.

During this interview, the Minister has strongly encouraged the « sharing economy » and the use of carpooling as a reliable and sustainable means of transport for daily rides as well as for once-off trips “Transport is a key component of the economy (…) There is the sharing economy and disruption is really starting to make a difference in all of our lives, and Jumpin Rides is the sharing economy.” “We are driving to town and sharing the transport on getting to the office this morning, there are two less cars on the road because of sharing it. (…) Carpooling is not only to getting to work in the morning, this could be also sharing rides anywhere in the country and in a very cost effective way. When I first went on the website, I saw someone sharing a ride between George and Cape Town”.

Cape Town & Johannesburg are notorious for being one of the most congested cities in the world. “By sharing rides on Jumpin Rides, you will reduce traffic congestion and save money on your daily trips!” So go offering or finding a lift on Jumpin Rides by clicking here!

Jumpin Rides is very pleased to count Minister Alan Winde as one of our user and the ambassador of carpooling. It has been a true pleasure to help him to commute to work with our service in an eco-friendly way, and we sincerely thank him for his trust.

A podcast of the Alan Winde’s interview by CapeTalk is available here. We have also made a Facebook live video available on our Facebook page.