Taking lift clubs to another level: Carpooling Platforms
Humans always worked together to survive. They created tribes, societies, empires and…lift clubs.

With the price of gasoline going everyday up, it is only normal that people try to find new ways to save some money. For those who don’t know, lift clubs are a basic version of a carpooling platform. Usually on Facebook or Gumtree, people post where they are driving to or where they need to go, if someone else is interested, the ride happens.

It is a great way to save money, reduce CO2 emissions and make new friends. In comparison to hitchhiking for example, it’s much safer but still quite dangerous because you never really know who’s the person you are jumping in the car with.

All around the world, people like the JumpIn Rides team have opened safe platform where professionals take care of the security checks.

These “Carpooling Platforms” try to organise many lift clubs from different websites all in one place, ask people for more information about themselves, and match drivers with passengers.

Carpooling platforms are an innovative way to make something great, like a lift club, even better! With the help of local communities, car sharing can truly become South Africa’s next big thing. If more and more people who usually travel alone in the car would start doing it, it will become possible to travel for as little as R500 from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

At JumpIn Rides, we try to make this possible
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