The cheapest ways to travel in S.A
As a student, our will to explore the world is infinite but, unfortunately, our means are not. Don’t worry, we are deeply aware of this struggle at Jumpin Rides, and we got your backs. Here’s a list of the best tips to travel without losing an arm and leg.

By Air
Luckily, domestic flights aren’t really expensive. You can easily travel using local low-cost companies such as Mango and Kulula, especially when you know that they serve all the biggest (and even the smallest) airports in the country! You do have one negative aspect though: once you land, you’ll have to find a way to travel around, and in this case, you might go off-budget very quickly.

By Bus
If you’re keen on meeting new people while traveling, bus could be a good choice! You have two options: One would be to travel with a company made for backpackers: Baz Bus! You have the possibility to join the ride at any given moment between Johannesburg and Cape Town for example. It’s clearly not the cheapest option though.
Your second choice would be companies like Greyhound and Intercape. It’s more expensive than Baz Bus for short routes but cheaper for long journeys. These buses are mainly used by locals, so it can be a great way to embrace the South African culture!

By Car
Last but not least, car travelling! It remains the best option on several aspects and no, don’t listen to your friends and family, it’s not as dangerous as you think it is. Some simple habits like closing doors and keeping valuables hidden considerably reduce the risks.
You can rent a car for the duration of your choice on platforms like or comparison websites like Once you’ve done that, the only thing left to do to make your travel really cheap is to post it on Jumpin Rides! Our platform helps travelers like you to get around without spending a lot of cash by splitting your costs! For example, if you use Jumpin Rides, a trip between Cape Town and Johannesburg would cost you R500 as a passenger and only R40 for a Cape-Town to Stellenbosch trip (Yes, it is very cheap). As a driver, you’re the one that gets those R500 since we don’t take any commission. That’s why using a car is your number 1 choice. It’s not only the cheapest option, it’s also the most convenient one, as you get to define your own journey and make new friends!

We really hope this article gave you some clues about travelling in South Africa, and we’ll be back soon with other tips to make your trip an amazing experience!