Will carpooling save South Africa?
JumpIn Rides is taking transport solutions in South Africa to the next level by offering a carpooling platform instead of usual lift clubs, which not only is free, but also safe and allows people to move or commute in the whole SA for a few rands.

The service offered allows not only to find a lift or share your car with other people, it also provides a remedy to a problem that is currently afflicting the rainbow country… Traffic congestion.

With traffic congestion levels at 35% in Cape Town, 26% in Pretoria and 30% in Johannesburg, it’s not surprising that if more people adopt ride sharing as a solution, everyone can benefit from it in multiple ways!

Either for commuting or doing a single lift, travelling in SA is neither easy nor cheap, that’s why carpooling is going to disrupt the market and change the way South Africans see carpooling. People can save money, reduce traffic and exploit our free service just by sharing their cars with people who need a lift.

If you commute or look for a lift to Johannesburg, you should know that the daily commute there has been ranked one of the world's worst, with 37 extra minutes spent in traffic everyday due to the many cars not shared with others!

Help yourself and the others on the street, do carpooling.

Traveling has never been so nice with JumpIn Rides!