Terms & Conditions

JUMPIN RIDES provides, subject to the conditions enclosed below, a platform for registered users to upload ride details for matching, posting of ride offers and requests as well as replying to ride offers and request. The service offered by JUMPIN RIDES will include its website and any other service that will be offered from time to time, such as a JUMPIN RIDES mobile application.
The terms of this Agreement as well as the JUMPIN RIDES privacy policy, which is legally binding is set forth in the terms for use of our website. Both can be found on our website: http://www.jumpinrides.co.za/
By accessing and using the JUMPIN RIDES services, you agree to comply with this agreement. If not, please do not use this service.


1.1. Services Offered

1.1.1. JUMPIN RIDES Services provides registered users with a secure platform to upload ride details in order to find possible matches. You are also able to post ride offers and requests as well as reply to ride offers and requests that you are interested in. Results of potential matches are listed in order of relevance with the research criteria: departure destination, arrival destination and the date. On receipt of results of potential matches, the registered user will gain access to contact information of the common user (driver or rider) through his/her post (offer or request). Details that will be shared include a description of the ride, a contact number and an email address. Registered users will be responsible for all arrangements concerning the potential ride following the match.

1.1.2. JUMPIN RIDES provides a communication platform for registered users to create their own ride, based on their specific requirements – be it offering a ride or looking for one. As a result, JUMPIN RIDES cannot guarantee the safety and comfort or the success of traveling arrangements made amongst users. JUMPIN RIDES is not a registered public transporter, does not manage a rideshare system for its own account or on behalf of its clients/registered users, nor does it guarantee the roadworthiness of registered users' vehicles or the driving skills of registered users (driver who will be responsible for the journey).

1.1.3. It is the sole responsibility of registered users to inform their insurance company should they participate in any rideshare arrangement.

1.2. Fees

JUMPIN RIDES does not charge you any fees for using the JUMPIN RIDES Services. However, please be aware that you will be liable for the data charges of your internet service provider, if applicable, when visiting the website or using the application. You need functioning internet/intra-net access to use the JUMPIN RIDES Services and the responsibility of how much data you use entirely depends on you.


In order to make use of the JUMPIN RIDES Services, you need register on the website and log in. You can register on the website by providing the information required on the registration form after which you will be asked to create a password. You can also register via Facebook (which is also an easier way to be verified.)

2.1. Eligibility

By using this service you agree that all the information you have provided is correct and trustworthy and that you are not violating any applicable laws by making use of this service.

2.2. Password

Upon successful registration on the JUMPIN RIDES website, you will be asked to choose a password of your choice in order to log into your account. It is your responsibility as a user to keep this password a secret and thus the account as well as your traveling arrangements protected.

2.3. Terms

JUMPIN RIDES has the right to terminate your account if we decide not to provide the service anymore, or if your use of the service is found to be inappropriate or goes against the Terms and Conditions of the Service.


You are solely responsible for any use of the Services through your JUMPIN RIDES account and for your posts on the website, interactions with any of the users you get into contact with as well as any calls that you make or messages that you send by using the JUMPIN RIDES Services.

3.1. Diclosure of Personal Information

3.1.1. We guarantee that the information you are providing us with won’t be given to anyone that is not an employee of JUMPIN RIDES and we will take all measures to keep your information private and safe.

3.1.2. By reading through the Terms and Conditions you agree that JUMPIN RIDES may electronically collect, store and use the following personal information of you:    Name and Surname    Date of Birth    Gender    Address/Location    Contact Details (email address and phone number)    Description    Occupation    Ride Offers    Ride Requests

3.1.3. You agree that JUMPIN RIDES may use this information to make a statistical analysis of the database but never on a personal approach.

4. General


This Agreement (Terms and Conditions) may be modified by us at any time and we will notify you of any change in writing or electronically (including and without limitation, by email or by posting a notice on the website that the Terms and Conditions have been updated). The changes will also appear in this Agreement which you can access at any time by logging onto the website, http://www.jumpin-rides.com/. You agree that your continued use, after such an amendment has been made, shall constitute your acceptance of the amended Agreement and that you will be held bound thereto.


This document constitutes the whole of the Agreement (to the exclusion of all else) between the Parties involved, relating to the subject matter hereof.